I can’t open or attach PDF files in WhatsApp and Gmail.

It is izzi’s mobile telephony and data service supported under the network with the largest coverage in the country. You can purchase the izzi mobile plans keeping your same device or buying a new one.

By law the devices come unlocked, so if your contract has expired, you must contact your current cell phone provider and request the unlocking code so that you can use your device with izzi móvil.

*In accordance with Rule 37 of the Number Portability Rules issued by the Federal Telecommunications Institute and published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on November 12, 2014, the portability will be carried out within a maximum period of 24 hours from the time the request was submitted, as long as this occurs between 11:00 and 17:00 hours of the reference time (Central Time Zone) on a business day (Monday through Saturday except holidays). Requests submitted later or on a non-business day will be considered as filed at 11:00 a.m. on the following business day, at which time the maximum 24-hour period referred to in the rules will begin to run. If you have any questions, please call us at *4994 from your izzi mobile.


He hasn’t changed it yet because «although it was second hand it wasn’t exactly cheap and let’s just say I was still reluctant to drop a lot of money on a smartphone. Besides, it still works perfectly for me». Lucia was one of those affected by the so-called «Battery Gate», so «I had to change the battery when Apple updated the operating system and some terminals began to falter. It cost me 25 or 35 euros, but right now it lasts me a long day and up to a day and a half».

Where Lucia notices a problem is in the storage and camera. «It’s a barely 16 GB iPhone and between the operating system and the apps, and even though I don’t keep most of my photos on the phone, it’s a little short, not to mention that I can’t expand the memory with microSD cards. The camera also falters, especially if you put it next to other newer phones.»

«The battery is dying on me at times and there are days when I have to charge it twice. In fact, when the phone was 18 months old I had to take it to the SAT because it would freeze and they had to replace the motherboard, the screen and the charging port,» he says. On the other hand, «the camera gives me a lot of problems with the autofocus, it doesn’t work properly and it gets stuck. It also happened to a friend of mine and they replaced the camera at the SAT, but it started happening to me when the warranty expired. «Otherwise,» Miguel continues, «it’s fine. I don’t have any problems with the storage or the processor».

How to block a contact on iPhone XR

But WhatsApp wants to go much further in this regard, and from Wabetainfo report that they are working on a new feature that will allow us to join any call or video call simply by clicking on a link.This feature, seen in Android beta version, will make calls and video calls in the app completely universal.

The operation is very simple, and the user will simply have to access their contact list to create a new call link so that they can share it with anyone, even if that person is not within their contacts.

So when you create a WhatsApp call link, this call will be hosted in the app itself so it would be protected by end-to-end encryption, although apparently you would need a WhatsApp account to join.At the moment you will not be able to test this new feature, and we will have to see if it definitely ends up being released in a future stable version to make our calls available to anyone.

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How to set up Voice serviceIf you have Internet (data) service but not Voice, check that you have the following features enabled:3. Select «Preferred network type «4. Activate the Roaming option and the LTE option.2. Choose «Mobile Networks» in the «Wireless & Networks» or «SIM Cards & Mobile Networks» section.1. Find and activate the option Enhanced 4G Mode, Enhanced VoLTELTE or 4GLTEand activate the option Select network automaticallyWhat to do if the cell phone does not have internet accessIf you have SMS and Voice service, but no data, you need to do the following: you will need to configure your APN on the device (APN is the name under which the cell phone enters the network) It is very simple, just follow these steps:1. Go to Settings, usually represented by a «Gear» icon2. Choose «Mobile Networks» in the «Wireless and Networking» or «SIM Cards and Mobile Networks» section4. Click on the «+» icon at the top right of the screen.3. Choose «APN» If it is not visible in the list, click on «More options «5. Click on APN and type internet.oxio.comClick on name and save as «Oxio».